Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tea Wreath

Boy, what a cold week it has been!  I’m so thankful for our warm cabin and firewood to burn!  Our poor little chickens have probably been suffering the worst.  I can’t keep their water thawed for anything, and we’ve had several eggs completely frozen and cracked open.  Last night I found the oddity below (I think eggs are just so beautiful!). No, things just aren’t quite right in chickenland!

I just can’t get enough tea of any kind on these days. It warms my bones.  I found a cute little project of Tea Wreaths that I thought would be a sweet Christmas gift on a budget.   Supplies would include individually wrapped tea bags of choice (12), willow swatches (3-could use other branches or even thin dowels), decorations to taste and glue (I’d recommend hot glue or superglue for this one.)

I ended up whittling down the middles of the branches first to have a flat area to work from.  Glue all three in the middle.  You could even do a bit of a God’s eye at this point by wrapping yarn or embroidery floss through the branches for added support.   Then glue a tea bag to the ends of each branch and fill in the gaps by gluing the corners of the tea bags together.   Decorate as desired with ribbons, bows, or sprigs of evergreen and gift generously!  Total cost < $5.

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