Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pocket Hand Warmers

We got an exciting update at church this morning: we're moving ahead with buying a new building!  This is so great, we're sort of bursting at the seams and desperately in need of more space, so this will be great!  (For more info, see the link for our church at the right).  Something that I've had on my heart for awhile was addressed in the sermon today, and that is to get out into our community rather than just have all my human contact be with other believers.  So I'm using this page as a place of accountability today:  I'm going to at least call a couple outreaches this week and see if they have any needs I might be able to help with.  Okay, now I have to do it! =)  And hopefully something I can bring this little cutie along with me.

Here's another simple Christmas gift idea, or maybe stocking stuffers.  And the fun thing is you can really do any shape you want.  Just cut four pieces from felt, embroider a design on two if desired.  Then blanket stitch most of the way around the edges, fill with either rice or rice and lavender, then finish off!  Place in the microwave for a minute or two, then tuck in your pockets (or your sweeties pockets), and then your ready for the frosty day outside!  (PS: you can find mine for sale at my etsy shop "Way up North": link also at right.)

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