Friday, November 25, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I hope you had a great day with family, friends, good food and much thanks!  We were so blessed to be able to go over to our friends’ house and celebrate with their family as well as a few others.  Fynn was mesmerized by the other little ones running around!  And, he got his first real food since his cereal:  carrots from our garden that I had blended right after they had been harvested.  He was not so sure at first, then he couldn’t get enough!  He also had a couple tastes of potatoes and blackberries that he seemed to enjoy.  And he’s been drinking from his bottle so well by himself as well as out of Momma’s cup with just a little help.   We played Dominoes and Apples to Apples—so much fun!  We also got the honor of celebrating with a couple of ladies who were from Australia, one of whom had never celebrated Thanksgiving before.  I loved hearing about their home and it made me see our Thanksgiving in a new light.  


Fynn's hand turkey
Writing what we're thankful for on the tablecloth
Fynn's doodles (with a little help)
Thankful for Daddy!


Our gracious host and hostess

Cutting the ham, really fast!

Feeding himself!

First taste of carrots!

Yeah, he liked them

I didn’t do the Thanksgiving challenge, so I’m going to catch up here:

1.       New life from God through Jesus: grace, forgiveness, love, and hope.
2.       My wonderful, handsome husband, the amazing father, provider, and best friend
3.       Our sweet baby, his health, and the joy he brings to our family.
4.       My Washington family, all their love and support (especially with cooking help yesterday morning! =)
5.       Our Fairbanks family: our amazing church family and their welcoming spirit
6.       Our cozy little home
7.       Woodstove and the heat it brings!
8.       Good jobs
9.       The time I can spend at home with Fynn right now.
10.   The beautiful snow.
11.   The internet so I can keep in contact with friends and family afar.
12.   Blackberries, dark chocolate, and peppermint.
13.   A car and tires that do well on the ice.
14.   Music: listening to, playing, writing.
15.   Paint, super glue and embroidery floss.
16.   My new fur slippers!
17.   Good books
18.   Our wonderfully goofy critters
19.   Fresh eggs, Moose meat, and veggies and herbs  from the garden
20.   Living in a state with such beautiful scenery, wildlife, adventure, and a PFD
21.   Goofy songs that make Fynn stop crying in the car
22.   Boogie wipes
23.   My childhood—we had so much fun, thanks Mom and Dad!
24.   A Wonderful Thanksgiving: good food, good fellowship, good times.

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