Thursday, December 1, 2011

Half a Year!

Hey all!  I'm filling in for Momma today because it's my first half birthday!  Momma keeps saying it's going by fast, but I have been learning and growing so much!  At my last check, I weighed 20 pounds and an ounce.  I can sit pretty good by myself, but sometimes I still tip over.

I haven't quite figured out how to crawl yet, but I sure am working hard at it!  And no teeth yet, either.  I really like to jump and roll over, bite my lower lip and fly like an airplane.  Oh and be upside down.
I make all kinds of fun noises and am very fluent in my own little language.  My favorite sounds to make are like a motorboat and clucking my tongue!  Momma and Poppa's favorite one is my laugh when they tickle me.

 Oh and I love to eat!  Last month I started having cereal with Momma and Poppa at dinnertime!  And for Thanksgiving, I got to try carrots from Momma's garden, blackberries from Grandma Walsh, and a little taste of ice cream and mashed potatoes!  Yesterday I found out that I love squash!

My three favorite things are when Poppa gets home from work at night, my puppy Clancey, and spending time outside.  I get pretty grumpy in Momma doesn't take me out at least once every day.

I discovered my feet recently, too!  Wow, what amazing built-in toys God gave me!  I can't even imagine what other purpose they may have in store!
  I don't like riding in the car, but I'm much better at it now, especially if Momma sings one of my favorite songs.  They're "Old McDonald," "The Yodeler," and "Lilly the Pink."  My days usually involve a couple naps, a lot of eating, some play time, feeding the animals, helping Momma cook dinner and a bedtime story or two.  And then there's the trips into town.  I love the music at church, but often get a little grumpy during the sermon if I don't have my bottle.  And I'm sitting by myself in the shopping cart now!

So, that's me in a nutshell.  I'll keep you posted on my progress!

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  1. Happy 6 month birthday, Fynn!!! We sure do love you, Little Guy. Can't wait til I get to hold you and hear your giggles. Cousins Adam, Emma and Katie Jo love seeing your pictures and can't wait to meet you too.