Monday, December 19, 2011

Just some Journaling

I find myself measuring distances by what songs I'll have to sing to get there without Fynn crying.  He's always hated riding in the car, but we've discovered recently that he'll calm down if we're singing one of his favorite songs: those with funny noised.  We were able to add "The Wheels on the Bus" to our repitoir this last week.

So we drove one "wheels" and half an "old McDonald" to the store to get a gift for my friend's bachelorette party this weekend an to pick up some photos.  Then a "yodeler" to an assisted living facility to do some visiting.  Then  half a "yodeler," and a "Lilly the pink" to get to the post office, then just a quarter "McDonald" home. =)

Fairbanks is such a unique place.  We've not even been here 3 years and already I'm forgetting that.  It wasn't too cold this morning (only 5 above) but totally still.  That stillness caused a little bit of ice fog on the way into town.  When we were coming home at noon, we caught a couple rays of sunshine as we topped the tallest hill on our drive.  The sun just barely peaks above the horizon these days.  And then there's snow.  Lots of it, but it's dry unlike the Washington slush I grew up with.  The land is harsh, but the people are so friendly and warm.

The sun was just barely peaking above the horizon  to the south at about noon when we were coming home.  The light is just so beautiful as it reflects off the snow.  The colder the weather, the better the roads.  They're slicker than snot when it's close to freezing, but when it gets really cold the ice gets thick and tacky and provides much better traction.  Also, the snow fills in the potholes! =)  It's fun experiencing it with Fynn now too.  He seems to actually like the cold, but gets so grouchy if he's too hot.  Ah, my little Alaskan laddie!

I'm finding that Fynn's favorite toys right now are the free things: big wooden spoons, a plastic cup, an empty wipes package...the best!  He is sure trying to crawl!  It's so much fun to watch: he'll lift up his chest, then his rump, then sort of rock back and forth until he crashes.  Actually he's really trying to walk too.  I'll hold his hands as he stands in front of me an he'll take a couple steps forward, then throw his head back to look at me with his mouth wide open and grinning and his eyes all a sparkling like, "Wow! Did you see that!"  And he's frequently talking up a storm these days, too.  I long to know what he's trying to communicate!

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