Monday, May 7, 2012

Laudable Lessons

1. I do not have the coordination to drink anything while rocking Fynn in his chair.  Eventually I'll learn to pause the rocking, take sip, resume rocking.
2.  It's the things that aren't toys that make the best ones.
3. I wonder how many times God has heard the prayer, "Oh, Lord!  Please just help him sleep!"
4. Puppy kisses on the face and eating rocks really aren't the end of the world.
5. Not proud of my falls, but it's true what they say: babies bounce.
6. Josh and I have become infinitely more goofy this past year.  It's worth every giggle!
7. Food items are better discovered with your hands, but non-food items should be immediately popped into your mouth.
8. Crackers are for smashing!
9. When trying new finger foods, the dog becomes an invaluable vacuum cleaner!
10. This too shall pass.  And then you'll kinda miss it.

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