Friday, May 4, 2012

Another fairly foul fiasco

This is what I thought raising chickens was going to be like: 

Sometimes, I wonder what people would think if they would just drop in on random moments of life.  Picture this: me walking through the woods, one barefoot with the baby in one arm and a soggy chicken under the other, trying to keep the two apart.  The dog and cat trail behind and all of us are filthy.  Ok, now here's the back up:

We're out feeding the chickens as usual and one escapes.  No biggie, it's happened before and we just play a nice game of ring around the coop until I catch her (always the same bird).  Well, she got a little braver this time and strayed into the woods.  Meanwhile, Fynn crawls off the blanket I had him set on onto a patch of ground where I had spread fertilizer from the coop over the winter!  

Aagh! No!!!
(Plop Fynn back on blanket)
Clancey stay!!  Do not chase the chicken!
(Resume hunt)
(Fynn crawls after bird)
(Bird runs at Fynn)
Repeat, this time add cat chasing chicken

Eventually Clancy decided he was done obeying and I hear squawking and thrashing trailing back into the woods.   So I pick up my dirty boy and we track them, expecting the worst.  Finally, I caught up with them at the pond a ways back.  The chicken, undoubtedly with help from the dog and cat, had broken through the remaining ice in the pond, but was quite alive.  Oh boy.  I set Fynn down on a lump of tundra moss, took off one shoe and sock, and was able to reach her after only one chilly wade in.  

And here we arrive at the aforementioned scenario.   She's not looking too good, and I don't know if she'll make it, but I got her fairly dried and turned on the heat lamp for her.  I took Fynn in and we both had a bath with lots of soap.  And he stuck his face in it, giving himself the most adorable little baby bubble beard!  And again, I had no camera.  It makes me wish we just had one built in our memories that we could print out photos of anything we saw.

(Note: painting by Robert Duncan)

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