Thursday, February 2, 2012

Josh's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband!  Can I brag him up just a little bit?  Besides being incredibly handsome, he is so good to Fynn and I!  He works so hard so I can take care of our little guy at home!  He is a great provider, yet still makes it clear that his family comes before his work.  And he loves God and we have the blessing of being able to be growing in our faith together.  He's funny and puts up with all my weird quirks!  And he makes a mean chicken taco.  I could go on all day!  He's working up at the mine today, but we're going out to dinner tonight, then I wrote him a note with some of his favorite candies I got at the store yesterday.  Here are a few excerpts:

You are such a handsome

Your love makes me want to do 
or blast off into
In fact, our life really

Even if we hit a

I know we'll be just fine,

You mean more to me than silver or

This was so fun to try to piece together!  I think I'm going to tweak it to use again in the future...

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