Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Miniature Magnifying Magnets (Plus a Potential Plot)

What a blustery day it has been!  Our huge dog (who regularly drags logs around the yard and helps me haul firewood) thought it was a great game that the trees were raining giant branches down on him!  Like they were bestowing on him gifts of new toys!  Ah, he can be troublesome, but he sure brings a smile from time to time. 

But the shenanigans didn't stop there.  Though we went and played outside a couple times through the day, the little ones seemed to have a little extra mischief also.  Like taking a break in their recently discovered "bumk beds" (aka bookshelf) and playing in my blanket chest. Well, one did while the other promptly shut the lid and sat on top! 

To get to my plans coming up, I'm very excited to have just registered for my very first craft fair!  I haven't even been officially accepted yet, but it's had my head spinning with new creations that need my immediate attention.  My table is currently covered in cuts of cloth and curiosities (ooh, five alliteration points!) even though the date is more than a month off.  I've always loved craft fairs and the unique creations and styles one can find there, and I've toyed with the idea of renting booth space for years, so I'm just giddy about it actually happening now!

I have yet to figure out my niche (see 2 posts ago), but today my oldest and I worked on  a fun project that I believe we'll display on our table.  These Miniature Magnets are quite simple, yet functional and fascinating. 

You'll need:
~small round magnets
~flattened glass marbles (Dollar store!)
~tiny pictures
~hot glue gun and glue sticks

I believe the biggest challenge was finding images small enough.  Even when you shrink images on the computer they become very pixilated in the process.  Magazines worked well.  No two are alike!  Test what your image will look like by placing the marble over it.  The shape of the marble works to magnify the picture. 

The top of the magnets have a sticky side with a sticker backing.  When you remove the backing, place it over your image to trace the diameter of the correct size around your picture.  Cut out and place on sticky side of the magnet.  Then place a pea sized dollop of hot glue on the flat side of your marble and quickly press firmly onto the top of your image.  Any bubbles in the glue will be pushed out to the sides. 

I love how these turned out!  Pretty fun to make, too!  I'm curious, have any of you done a craft fair?  I'm just hungry for any tips and pointers!  Prepare yourselves for lots more crafty posts in the next month! =)

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