Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Goodbye 2015!: Make a NYE Party Hat from Last Year's Calendar

New Years Eve Party Hats


Happy New Year!  The year 2016 is upon us!  Just think of all the wonderful possibilities the upcoming 365 days might hold!  Fresh beginnings are so exciting!  I hope you had a heartwarming Christmas and are feeling ready to move forward in to the new year today. 

Last year at this time my husband was still working night shifts at the gold mine in Fairbanks, so the kids and I were also on a much later schedule to accommodate.  We would often sleep until 10 am and then they would fall asleep around 10 pm so we could get as much time with him as we could.  Well, that made it easy for them to stay up until midnight at a friends’ house New Year’s Eve.  Our little guy was thrilled to help the men launch fireworks, but our little lady (who had just turned one) soon fell asleep as we stood right beneath them. 
We have no plans to make it to midnight this year, however now that we have a more normal schedule.  But it is fun to celebrate, reminisce on the passing year, and teach the little ones about the passing of time.  We started a tradition of making party hats out of the last year’s calendar a couple years back and have really enjoyed it!  I’m in a bit of a pickle this year, however.  I’ve not done well in keeping up with my journal, and I almost feel as though my calendar has (although abbreviated) taken its place.  Oh well, I have a couple pages I can use.

You can eyeball this or use one of the many templates found onlinE, then roll from the tip and tape or glue closed.  We’ve added pom-poms to the top and chin ties, but you could decorate any way you like!  Kind of a fun project to mark the passing of the year. 

I chose to eyeball: to get the edges the same length, I folded it over to the point I needed.
Basic shape cut out

Taped together
Holes punched for chin strap
Pom-pom on top!

Ready to party!
Here are a couple more things I’m planning on sharing with the little ones before they hit the hay New Years Eve.  I love starting these traditions with our family, even if we aren't staying awake until the official countdown.  How do you celebrate?

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