Friday, September 4, 2015

Water Doodles

Good morning!  We had such a lovely weekend with my parents here and now Josh’s folks are coming down tomorrow!  This is one of the biggest reasons why we moved down from Alaska: more family time.  I love seeing my children loving on and being loved by their grandparents!  We’re having some fun adventures that I’m sure to share with you later, but in the busy week I wanted to offer you my water doodles (quick water color paintings).

My dearest friend in Fairbanks was always so good about putting verses to paper and sharing them.  I continue to have these handwritten notes around the house as reminders as I pass through the room.  Life gets crazy sometimes and you might glance at something like this when you wouldn’t sit down in the moment to read your Bible.  They can be a quick scrawl or a work of art, but it’s been proven that writing things out helps you to remember them, so I wanted to give it a try, too, then share with you!  Feel free to print them out and tack them up where you’ll see them through the day, or I’ve saved similar verse art to my phone and use them as my lock screen background so I’m reminded every time I turn it on. 

Now that I’ve talked about verses, I have to admit that I didn’t actually write any full verses into these pieces.  Think of them more like reminder cards, or write out the verse to the side (it will help you remember! =)  The first says “Be Still” at the bottom.  This is to reference Psalm 46:10.  The whole verse says, “Be still, and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”  There are (many) times that we get way too busy, so much so that we sort of become dazed and confused.  Refocus and prioritize.  The exalted God is first.  This verse comes at the end of the chapter that begins, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”  Don’t put Him on the back burner! Note that I am preaching to myself here! =)

The second is from an old song that you can find in an old recording on youtube.  And the lyrics go like this:

"Life is easy, when you're up on the mountain
And you've got peace of mind, like you've never known.
But things change, when you're down in the valley.
Don't lose faith, for you're never alone.

For the God on the mountain, is the God in the valley.
When things go wrong, He'll make them right.
And the God of the good times
is still God in the bad times.
The God of the day is still God in the night.

We talk of faith way up on the mountain.
Talk comes so easy when life's at its best.
Now down in the valleys, of trials and temptations
That's where your faith, is really put to the test."
Can you relate?  Is it easy to say you believe when life is fine and everyone around you is a believer?  What happens when it’s not?  God doesn’t change and He never leaves.  Malachi 3:6a says, “For I the LORD do not change”.  Pretty comforting, really.  And good to know that though the hard times will come, even if we cannot handle what we face, HE is the same, HE is with us to allow us to handle anything when we put our trust in Him. 

I hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and that these simple reminders can help you rest and refocus during this time!  And maybe squeeze in an adventure or two!  What’s going on in your lives during this break?

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