Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fynn's Year and a Half

The little man is actually already 19 and a half months!  Wow!  He is all about talking and learning new words right now.  He often just mimics the last word of every sentence we say; SO cute!

Toys: Bears (Baows) Mater (Mae Mae) and anything with wheels (trucks {"tuck"--which I may add also means duck and stuck}, trains{"rains"}, tractors, trike, cars*, airplanes*, strollers etc.)

Foods: eggs*, ham*, fruit (au-puls, grapes*, orange*, ango), carrots, milk, candy ("Dandy", yeah, he got some at Christmas)

Words:  More than I can count, but I hear uh-oh, dog, vroom, up, down, out, WOW, and water (blater) often.
Winter activities: the ice slides, play dough, catching snowflakes on his tongue, painting, helping cook, dancing and singing.

 What a joyous miracle this child is!  He makes every day brighter, sharp as a tack, and so content with his little life, he is my inspiration!  I want to be like him when I grow up: full of wonder and excitement.  I hope he can be some measure of encouragement to others as he is to me.

Note: * means word he says pretty close to as they should be said.

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