Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fynn's 15 Months (Already!?)

Didn't I just have my birthday party?  Hm, oh well I guess a lot has changed with me (Fynn) lately!

1.  I walk pretty great!  And sort of run, too!  It's my favorite thing to do!

2.  Summer was amazing!  So much to see and explore!

3. I love my family!  Immediate and extended!  I give pretty awesome bear hugs!

4.  I'm eating whatever Momma and Poppa are eating.  I've really developed a taste for soup, Lorenzo's salsa, wild cranberries and the ice cream that Amma and Appa gave me!

5.  I don't talk a lot, but I do love my sound effects!  I regularly say "Boom," "Crash," Rawr," "Vroom," and a variety of animal noises!

6. My favorite toys are trucks, trains and balls

7. I LOVE Sunday School!  It's my favorite part of the week!

8.  I don't like to sleep.  I might miss something.

Gotta go for now!  There's exploring to be done!  I'll be a year and a half soon enough and give you another update!

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  1. All of these pictures are really artistic and adorable..Babies are the ones who always speak truth.they add more creativeness and beauty to your life.Thanks for giving.