Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hot Dog Octopus & Book Review

I have been blessed with a fun mom and I'm trying to remember the things she did so that I can pass them on to Fynn.  He's being a bit of a picky eater right now.  He takes bites great, and chews them, but then he spits it out and tries to throw it on the floor!  I got him to eat a bit last night, though, by making one of our old favorites: Mac & Cheese and Hot dog Octopus.  Or Quadpus as the case may be.

Take a hot dog and make two opposing cuts about two thirds up like so:

Then hollow out two "eyes":

Boil until the arms curl and use to top the noodles!

I am having so much fun going to the library and reading books with Fynn.  There are just so many I really love, I have a hard time choosing!  I just thought I'd post about some of my favorites for those with similar tastes (and so I can remember them for futures).

Right now Fynn's favorite is Time for Bed by Mem Fox.  (Check it out at Barnes & Noble).  He wants to read it every night!
Time for Bed
Ages: 6 mo. - 3 yrs.
Format: Large board book = not easily mangled by sharp new teeth.
Story: Relaxing, rhythmic rhymes of mama animals telling their little ones it's bedtime
Illustrations: (this is really important to me!) Gorgeous!  Large watercolor animals that Fynn loves to look at.  He points out the eyes, ears, nose...

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  1. My nephew has that book and loved it at that age too!