Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nine Months

It's Fynn again, back for his quarterly update as I'm now NINE MONTHS OLD!!!

Last month began a lot of changes for me.  So I mentioned before that I hate riding in the car.  Well what I couldn't get across to Momma and Poppa was that my long legs were all scrunched up against the back of the seat!  The doctor told Momma that I am now big enough for a forward facing car seat, and now the car rides are almost fun!  I sit and can see out the window and kick my free legs the whole way!  So much more room!  I've always hated being restrained in any way.

I got all four of my front teeth at the end of January and am working on a fifth right now.  I decided this means I shouldn't have to eat baby food anymore.  Whatever my folks are eating is what I want.  My favorite taste right now is when I get a nibble of cheese, but I'm more concerned about being able to feed myself than what it tastes like.  And I must touch my food before it goes in my mouth.

Also, I can now MOVE!  I crawl forward, backward, round and round.  I love to walk with a little help and can pull myself to a stand (I even stood without touching anything for 2 seconds yesterday!).  Look out critters!

Some of the things that make me giggle are Clancey being goofy, watching Poppa start the snow machine or Momma scrape the ice from our steps, and when tickeley snowflakes land on my face.  I get so excited when Poppa gets home from work and when it's warm enough to take a walk.   I also love watching the moose from my nursery window.

My average day still just consists of napping, eating,  playing, and helping take care of the animals with the occasional run into town to do errands.  I still like to help Momma cook, but am becoming more interested with staying on the ground so I can practice moving!  It's so exciting I don't even want to sleep at night.  One day, I'm going to catch those cats!

Some of my favorite toys right now are not toys: empty bottles, cooking utensils, boxes, etc.  But I do really like balls, blocks, and stuffed animals, too.  I really like my books, too.  Momma says my favorite is the one called "God Gave Us You," but I really like them all.  And more than anything I really love my family, my friends and my critters.

Well, just a couple more months now and I'll be back to tell you how my first birthday party went!

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  1. Fynn I think you and Zachary would be very good friends! You both like a lot of the same things. You tell that Momma of yours you need to come down to Washington soon!