Thursday, February 16, 2012


Fynn has come down with another nasty bug.  This poor child has had just one thing after the next.  But God is so good, he hasn't ever had multiple things at once, and nothing life threatening.  I was just thinking how we hadn't had anything for a while; that was the time he was teething.  That would have been so hard to have had some infection going on on top of all that!
That got me thanking God for more of the things I find myself taking for granted.  My baby's smile when he "beeps" my nose, even though he is sick brought tears to my eyes!  I became so grateful that I can be the one staying here taking care of my boy.  How many parents around the world are separated from their children for one reason or another!  Even that I am just alive.  For those who don't know, I had a rather rough delivery after which I lost over half my blood volume, passed out and had to be rushed to the ER.  I think about it now, and if I had been alive any other time in history, I might not have made it to be the one holding my baby right now.  I thank God for life in every sense of the word!

I know we're just gypsies in this life, our home being heaven.  Yet God has ordained not only work, but such joys here while we wait on Him!  I love it!  A few we've been experiencing lately are a moose cow and calf in the meadow behind our house every morning, vibrant aurora (one good thing about waking up in the middle of the night!) and the fact that the sun is hitting our house again!  Oh, hint of glorious summer!  I've started planning out my garden and even bought a new swim suit!  One thing about these long Fairbanks winters is that they really help you to treasure the summers!

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  1. Life is a precious gift - I'm so thankful you are alive to watch your boy grow too! God has a perfect plan and it involves you raising your son. No one else. It's beautiful to see that you aren't taking that for granted!