Monday, October 23, 2023

Color Path Labyrinth

 This is a pretty personal post. and I know it won't be for everyone.  But I know I'm not the only super-visual person out there, so hopefully it will help more.  

I had a super unique opportunity to share this at our church yesterday.  It's sort of like a super-simple labyrinth or color path that you can paint your way through.  Labyrinths have been used in the church for hundreds of years and have been helpful to many as a way of visually and physically coming before God in prayer and worship.  They have been so helpful to me to quiet my mind when I meditate or come into worship.  Then add color associations in paint!

I'm just going to share here what I shared yesterday and let you run with it creatively however suites your needs.  I don't have any pictures of doing this as a group because it felt too personal, but my heart is full to bursting hearing the experiences of everyone who chose to share with me!

Supplies: watercolors, water, brush, template and/or blank paper, paper towel, possibly tape and pen.  There’s lots of paper, so feel free to use several pieces!


Watercolors: this paint is very forgiving.  But I want to encourage you this time to try using more water than you think you need, until it moves easily and flows.  Feel free to mix colors in the wells or on the edges of the palette or on the paper.  There are lists of color associations to give you a starting point, but I left blanks under each color.  This is because we all likely have unique color associations, so you can write your own.  They may even be associated with people or places.  I don’t think we need to get into it too much today, but shapes could also be representative (I.e. disconnected, sharp edged, smooth, large/small, etc.)

A. Left, open space: options

1. Get comfortable adding paint to paper

2. Just doodle

3. Paint what you’re experiencing this week or day in color  and shape

B. Path in:  From the entrance at the bottom left of the circles, follow the path with paint toward the center.  This is a place to lay down your burdens, joys, thoughts, or whatever is popping up in your mind.  As things come to mind, pick a color for it and paint it along the path as you go.  In this, we are laying these things down before Jesus. 

C. Center Circle: In this place we will just be together with God.  We can listen or sing along with the music.  You can paint in color any thoughts or feelings or impressions you experience., how you feel, how you feel about God, right now in this time.  You can hold your paintbrush still in the center or let it dance around.  Just be.

First, give the area a light wash with water.  I always think of water as representing the Holy Spirit, and this place is awash with Him.  If you dab on color, allow it to move with the water, and feel free to add more water as you like.  This thick paper can hold quite a bit, and if it can’t, these tables are easy to clean later.  

D. Path out: As we leave the center at the upper right, listen to what God is giving you to pick up on this path as you journey out into this week.  The old things will still be there, but pick them back up along with this moment you just had in the center.  Bring the use of water, bring the Spirit with you.  

E. Right, open space: Express yourself going back out into our week remembering God with us!  And no matter what comes in the week ahead, you have this physical, visual reminder of this moment with God and Him going with you


Isaiah 55:1-2

John 4:13-15, 7:37, 8:1-11

Revelation 21:6