Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Baby Sign Language

I've decided to try to teach Fynn some of the basics of Sign Language as I've heard of so many benifits (the most appealing being less frustration on the baby's part as they can often sign before they can speak English).The thing is, I know none at all.  So we're learning together.  I just found this video of the basics to  a tune:

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  1. I taught Adam and Emma sign language when they were very young. I think I mostly taught them the words: all done, more, please, thank you. I think at first Andrew thought it was a bit crazy teaching Adam sign language. You should have seen his face the first time he saw Adam come to me and ask, "more please" in sign. Just remember that as Fynn learns his words to encourage him to say the word as well as signing as sometimes it's easy for them to just continue signing instead of speaking. Good for you!!!